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My name is Michelle and I’m a serial cross stitcher. I design and hand stitch all my pieces, and I started making because I’m a bit obsessive about loads of things. The pieces I make are fan art and represent people and pop culture I love to my core: from Sparks to The Fall, Vic and Bob to The Good Life, Nuts in May to the Wicker Man and Alan Turing to the Suffragettes…to add an extra level of weird I like to listen or watch the subject matter while I’m stitching them. I’ve just realised how Buffalo Bill that sounds. I’m lucky that people share my ‘enthusiasm’ and want to buy them.

The digital images you see on this site are my patterns, which I can stitch up either as they are or modify to exactly what you need (have a look at my Twitter page for regular photos of finished pieces).  I'm always happy to draw new designs and nothing is too small, large or plain crackers for me to have a go at. 

Here's what you need to know:

For greeting cards, A4 prints and cross stitch patterns go to:


To order a finished (and framed) cross stitch piece contact me via this website, Twitter, or email me at


If you would like to stock my cards in your shop then please email me at


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